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Monday, January 12, 2015

We're loosing stores too quickly!

In the last week, over a thousand stores from various companies and brands announced they would be closing and restructuring there business plans. In the retail world, there are ups & downs, weaker companies have to die so stronger companies can get stronger, its just nature, but this is getting ridiculous. The brick-and- mortar scene looks to be reaching an end for most companies, as online sales are a more viable option, and that worked for many others in the past, like Service Merchandise, Montgomery Ward, and Linens N' Things, but all have ended that as well.

Within the last week, these are the companies that are either liquidating entirely, or closing individual locations; (ALL pictures are from Google):

All Store 

All stores

All Stores

All stores

40 locations

14 locations

Closing all PS stores to take sales online

11 stores announced in November
Some of the notable stores we sadly lost last year, again some are goes, others closed particular stores.
All 300 remaining locations in the March 2014

Closed all stores by summer 2014

33 stores would close; announced in January

All locations by spring 2014

8 stores by May; announced in January

If there are any more that I missed, I will likely do a follow up post of all latest news at a later date.

Feel free to voice thoughts and idea on what you think or how this affects you.

Thank you for reading.

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