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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FLASHBACK: Deerbrook Mall in Deerfield, Illinois

          If there is one thing that makes Trip to the Mall a personal mall and retail blog, its making sure to feature exclusivly Chicago shopping memories, and for the residents of Northbrook, Illinois, John Hughes captured your Northbrook Court in his 1985 film Weird Science.

     For the residents of Deerfield, a local patron captured the vintage images of the many forgotten chains that served Chicagoans for years. The Deerbrook Mall, now closed, is a small shopping center at the intersection of Waukegan Road and Lake Cook Road in Deerfield, Illinois, home of Walgreen's.

Here is my original post on the Deerbrook Mall from December and the post on the closure of the Deerbrook Mall.

These pictures seen below are courtesy of mall blog Labelscar.

Former Venture/ The Great Indoors/ Furniture Liquidation/ Wonder!/ Empty

Still Jewel- Osco

Former Marshalls/ TJ Maxx/ Closed

Now Sports Authority

Still BBB

Former Venture/ The Great Indoors/ (Marshal Field's Furniture:)?/ Wonder!/ Closed

Circa. 2002?

Early 90s?

Thank you for reading and remember to ask questions and comment below.


  1. UPDATE 7/14/2015- Jewel may open a new store in place of the old one:


  3. Venture was NOT located in the space that became Great Indoors and Wonder. That's where the original Montgomery Wards was, which later became Service Merchandise. Venture was located by the Jewel on the other end. It was originally accessible through the mall and later became Blockbuster Video in the 1980s (one of the first in the area, it was a pretty large space). This space, as well as that end of the indoor mall, was demolished after Blockbuster vacated. It was replaced with Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Max,

    1. Thank you so much, that really clarifies things for me and some friends fascinated with the history of this property.

  4. So, what about the Turnstyle store and the movie theaters? I believe the theaters were at the south end of the indoor mall area and Turnstyle was just south of the theaters. However, the memory is not the best. Worked for Phil Sansone at the original Jewel in Deerfield (748) and then helped open the new store at Deerbrook.

    1. The movie theater was in the back, and Jewel may have converted into the Turn-Style concept, then back to Jewel-Osco. No one really kept track of this back then, so glad these pictures were taken at that.

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