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Saturday, July 4, 2015

FLASHBACK: Chillin in Round Lake Beach, Illinois

          The village of Round Lake Beach, commonly referred to as "RLB" is situated in Lake County, next to Gurnee and is one of the destination hot-spots during my summer vacations, not this far back, but for a long time now. I am familiar with the roads and the route these stores where once situated in.

          Seen in the pictures below, the former Kmart is now a Hobby Lobby, as the Kmart moved a few miles down the road and opened as a Super Kmart Center in the early 90s and the Jewel-Osco remains but has since been remodeled.

Unsure of where this Ace was, but I'm sure it is still there.

          The Wal-Mart in this picture is in the was in the same plaza with the Omni Superstore and closed in 2009 and moved to its new supercenter location next to Home Depot and the Omni converted to Dominick's in 1997 and closed in 2007. The entire plaza has now been torn down because of road construction and Michigan-based Meijer chain is opening some time in 2016.

          Unsure of where this Zayre store was, but looks just like the store that was in Schaumburg at the corner of Golf Road and Roselle Road.

Thank you Round Lake Area News for the awesome 80's pictures of the stores and shopping centers along Rollins Road and Route 83.


  1. Before it was Ace, it was A&P Grocery store, now its Zip Fitness and Petland, they divided the space. The Zayre was in the same plaza as the Ace, across the street from where Jewel is. Zayre became Ames, then it was Joanne Fabrics, finally TJ Max. The building has been torn down, though it was connected to what remaining mall there is. I believe a Cub Foods was next to it for some time, though I may be wrong, but the Garden Fresh store was built partially on the site of the old Zayre. Next to it use to be a Kenny's Shoe store in the mall and Petland which is now further down the strip. Outside the building was the original Round Lake Theater in a separate building next door, which was torn down and a Blockbuster was built on the site which is now Mattress Firm.

  2. Great memory! I too recall all of those stores on that same "mall" site. I also remember a currency exchange and in the "strip", was a carpet store, Terry O'Tooles, an Arcade and Baskin/Robbins..