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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review: Today in America with Terry Bradshaw

By: John Bozic


          Today in America is an online show featuring the former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Terry Bradshaw as the host as he goes to various towns around the country that display some significant feature to that you too should come and see.

          The premise of the show is to invoke on small towns and cities usually overlooked for inflated excitement like theme parks and major attractions, when the expression "right in your own backyard" completely describes the point of this show, to find the gold in the hills, to see the significance in the insignificant.


          In many of the episodes, malls and shopping are a staple feature, and in one particular video, Terry visits the city of Fairview Heights, Illinois, right across the river from St. Louis and the St. Clair Square Mall.

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