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Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

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Crazy, Stupid, Love is a movie released July 29, 2011, and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. The movie stars Steve Carell, who plays Cal Weaver and Ryan Gosling, who plays Jacob Palmer. Julianne Moore, who plays Cal's wife, and Emma Stone, who is Cal's daughter.

The movie is about a middle aged man, Steve Carell, who learns that his wife cheated on him with kevin Bacon, who plays David Lindhagen, then she wants a divorce. Cal finalizes his divorce the night he goes to a bar and is over heard by a young gentleman, Ryan Gosling, who is Jacon, who is actually a womanizer. 

The scene that cuts to the mall is where Jacob takes Cal under his wing because he feels for the situation he has faced, and try's to change his image to be able to attract woman into his life.

Mall Scene

The mall used in the scenes where these newly acquainted friends go to shop for Cal is on the westside, 10 miles outside the valley in Century City, CA., its the Century City Shopping Center, which is actually called Westfield Culver City.

Here is the scenes of the mall:

Through Cal's shoes over the bannister

Westfield Culver City:

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