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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review: The Museum of Classic Chicago Television

As advertising is best known for, its getting the message of the product the company is trying to sell out to the public anyway, and as many ways as possible. I am not at all promoting the Youtube channel, The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, as I simply use it as a point of reference for a lot of the post and stories I have written, and will write in the future. 

This is a channel on Youtube best known for receiving old VHS tapes and old media for anonymous doner's from all around the Chicago-land area that have kept old recorded commercials, clips of shows, or news reports captured on a long form of viewing pleasure, and is re-illustrated to a format we are all too comfortable with known as online viewing.

With any post of a store chain, restaurant chain, mall or related, I will always post music and commercials, or video's to further enlighten you on the history of what is being documented on. This will include a lot of Malls and stores from the Chicago area and suburbs, and the best way the history of stores and malls around the Windy City is with commercials recorded and viewed from the patrons residing hear, and I will dip into this channel frequently as well as for information and commentary of particular posts or stories to gain a better perspective before coming to any fallacious understandings.

It is everything to me to find the best ways to educate and engross others on topics that are not necessarily mandatory to know about, but You didn't have to live through the Civil War to want to know more and understand why it happened, what and who it effected, and how things have changed because of it. This is how Trip to the Mall relates so much in society, we are east and shop, we just need to have a better understanding of the history of the stores, or chains, and we will love are favorite places to hang iut more if we know more about them in the first place.

Feel free to post opinions or questions below and thank you for reading. 

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