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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Former Venture/ K's Merchandise; Decatur, Illinois

          Here is a small, abandoned shopping center a long ways from Chicago I have wanted to visit for quite some time now. Once home to Venture Department store, nothing can be said about the empty lot used for trailers now and the ford dealer in front of it.

          Located near downtown Decatur, Illinois, at the peak of the shopping plaza, the stores were Office Depot, Schnucks, K's Merchandise, and Hollywood Video.

Love the "K's" painted on the side walk, now that I think about it, I really should have peered inside the door.

         The name of the plaza covered by the new "U-HAUL" sign, as you can see, they have opened in the former Hollywood Video and have not had time to take any of there old signage down.

It's like it was 2007 again...

Former Schnuck's grocery store.

Former Officer Depot, although it looks more like a former Officemax to me... but they are all one company now anyways.

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