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Friday, September 11, 2015

Reflection 5: Mall Rats Sequel Filming Location Confirmed and Changing Philly Malls + 9/11 commemoration

          Definitely some major news happening in the retail and cultural world that revolves around it, the announcement by Kevin Smith on where Mall Rats 2 will by filmed, which relates to the changing malls around Philadelphia, and remembering September 11th, 2001. What honestly comes first in this reflection today, the most important being remember the tragedy that struck New York City 14 years ago today that ultimately changed America, if not the World ever since.

          Although today may be Friday, it was a beautiful Tuesday morning sun rise that welcomed the city to the morning of September 11th, 2001. This day, like any other was just an ordinary day, just a number like 9/10/01, or 9/12/00, but unlike a year prior, or the day before, this date will be known around the world the day tragedy hit New York. Described by the morning shows, and in documentaries, it was a clear morning, almost unnaturally clear, not a cloud in the sky. As everyone that worked in the World Trade Center, the epicenter of Business and market commerce, were entering there offices and places of business near by, hours before realizing they would never exit. Any writer knows you can't make an event like this sound good, its not good, but it has to be written in the right light to not come off as offensive.

          As flights leaving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania airports depart, there routes were taken over, hijacked and the planes, an exceptional means of transportation created to get people from one place to another quicker than cars or trains, were used as weapons to show America someone else is in charge. At around 8:45 A.M., a plane hit the North Tower, and less that half an hour later, another struck the South Tower, and a plane crashed into a field outside Pittsburgh. The flights were United and American Airlines, what flight went where is what I choose to leave out, I am writing this completely from memory of what I have read, and I will not be documented for being wrong, or giving incorrect information.

          When I mentioned "someone else is in charge", who can think that an attack this large, and so devastating will bring America to its knees, like Jon Stewart said in his 9/11 speak on The Daily Show, people with buckets and buckets carrying debris and rebuilding days later shows that they didn't win, we didn't give up, and from the window of his apartment, he could see the Statue of Liberty, we looked at this as only a set back, we will never forget and today stands in its place, One World Trade Center, a beacon to the memory of the 3,000 people. FDNY, and NYPD that lost there lives 14 years ago today. So please take a moment where ever you are today to stop and think about what today means, and where you were on September 11th, 2001

          On  a brighter note, the news of Kevin Smith making the new Mall Rats at Exton Square Mall in Exton, PA over what originally purposed White Flint Mall, which now it too far gone to recognize it as a mall was dropped.

          Now 20 years ago since the cut classic came to theaters, Kevin Smith will bring us another, hoping instant classic in the next year of so. I personally hope it is good, as the culture of the mall has changed so much, I hope this will not effect the vibes the characters will play in the movie, with technology and phones and online shopping, many people say the new movie, if it sticks to a realistic storyline, will the mall be dead and empty, or like when Impractical Jokers goes to the Mall, which I just make that connection, Impractical jokers when they go to the mall to embarrass themselves, is like a modern Mall Rats. We will see what happens, all I know is that I am excited to see how it turns out, am disappointed I can't buy it on VHS.

          Speaking of Mall Rats, the use of the Exton Square mall in Exton, Pennsylvania is about 40 minutes from downtown Philadelphia, and like King of Prussia mall, The Gallery at Market East, could have been a good filming location, it is dated to the 80s, brick tile floors, cement pillars, and that sweet neon sign, all of which will be gone in a year, because most of the mall will be closed off in the next two weeks to be transformed into a new lifestyle center of downtown.

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