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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FIND: Old Kmart Store End-Cap Signage

          At the closing of one of my local area Kmart stores last spring, I picked up one of these old price signs at no cost. Telling by the logo, it is definitely from the 80's, or way early 90's, but not older, although the logo here was used in the 70's. This is a very cool piece, and can be considered a collector's item to the right person, but for now, it will stay in my private collection of pieces and artifacts.

          It came with five different advertising banners, for however the store wanted to overstate the price of what was on sale that particular week. The date the slide out signs were printed, or were used for dated April 1998.

          This was found at a different closing store months earlier, but is of the same era as the slide out banner's in this price holder, and go together quite nicely because of the font and color scheme. 

Dated November 1996:

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