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Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: This is Dan Bell. (DEAD MALL SERIES)

By: John Bozic

          The name Dan Bell is becoming familiar in this hobby as he navigates himself primarily through the Northeast in search of dying and decaying malls and shopping centers, at least this is only one of the many series Dan Bell has produced for his YouTube channel. Dan has been uploading videos for the past year, yet I came across him in a search of a mall in New Jersey and pursued his channel to see just how many malls he has been to and at that, has such a way of walking through them, his filming techniques and the knowledge he provides aside with pictures and narration.

          A lot of what Dan covers is a pretty general consideration for the forgotten, old hotels, abandoned houses, malls in particular and so much more on the depressed economy of small towns in various states.

          There are currently 18 videos of malls he has reported on and walked through, some creepier than others, some I have been to, some I want to go to, and ones that do not always allow photo or trespassing at, but that doesn't seem to stop this young explorer on preserving someones forgotten dream that so desperately needs attention. He pins each mall videos with #DeadMallSeries and below you can watch just a few of his excellent work.

Here is the Schuylkill Mall:

Here is Ownings Mall Mall, which from the looks of it, will not remain open much longer:

Here is the famous Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio, where a little surprise comes to find Dan has he is leaving the mall:

          Watch some of Dan Bell's videos and see the pictures he posts on social media as he seems really cool and a new face in this hobby to promote the overlooked.

Thank you for reading and remember to ask questions and comment below.


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