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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Redevelopment: Main Street Plaza Wheaton, Illinois

          Not a shopping plaza I am familiar with, but it had an Ames Department store, so I guess I have room to talk about it here. These are some old pictures considering the chain closed in 2002, and there is a Blokbuster Video next door.

These pictures are provided by The Ames Fan Club, a site dedicated to archiving the Ames chain. The specific link to these pictures are right here 

After Ames closed, turned into a Furniture Store.


Google Map screen shot from street view July 2012.

Google Map screen shots from street view August 2015.

There is an Office Depot and Monkey Joe's in the former Ames store.

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  1. The history of this store is as followed. It was first Woolco then became zayre then Ames. Then became Handy Andy home improvement store then aisle 3. Then Ames re opened late 99. Then closed 2001. Then became designer furniture then was decided up to what it is today.