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Monday, August 10, 2015

Reflection 4: It Will All End Eventually

          It may be longer than a usual rant on what currently seems to bother me, or what points in the news make a greater appearance here than others, but today will cover a lot of key points to what is in tented to keep the information flowing for the next few months. That's it, lets start there, the "information flowing" is the continuation of posting new unexplored malls and areas that fit what I do, old, dead, shopping centers to the pinnacle of retail excellence. There are several points that will be made that will forever change the functionality of what the blog does for the viewers, and me, and it goes a little like this.

          In the next few weeks, I will be moving to other lands... the Northeast, Philadelphia, for school and a number of personal reasons, that of which is to fulfill more through mall explorations, as a post a few weeks ago states how the mall to people ratio in New Jersey is 10:1. I have known for nearly two years where I wanted to take my future, and nearing the end of August will be a thing of the past. This means although the Chicago references will be as appropriate when living in the city of brotherly love, but I'm sure I will manage. There is too much going on at this time to not move there if you have the interest I do, many malls ready to remodel and be "de-malled", the entire A&P Bankruptcy and closing going on as this is being written, and over all better variety of shopping, and many of my local readers know we have lost so many brands and chains in the state aside of everyone else still having the pleasure of shopping there, here is a video I made titled The Unofficial List of Retail that Left Chicago---2013. So there is that, I have gotten that point off my chest, it is in the open and up for questions in the comments. I have a strong love for The Gallery at Market East and King of Prussia Mall since I first found them last March and they both have since changed dramatically, and I really need to see them again, plus the 300+ A&P owned stores among New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

          How I manage to get by, although work have been an unclosed book, I have not left out how I plan to support myself, but a small part was the ad's posted on this blog that many of you may have noticed are gone. The reason being Google claimed to notice some misappropriated ad clicking and has since suspended my AdSense, so although I have not made very little money, this will no longer be a source of income, unless something is appealed, but that is uncertain. This is why the title is "It will all end eventually", which may come off wrong, but means the end of a good thing, the AdSense, stores closing, me moving on with what I what to do, no pun intended. The "something  big is coming" line is the best I could come up with to announce I have yet another idea to try and make money for school off this hobby, making shirts, or some kind of merchandise that is riveting and appealing to consumers interesting in the blog, support the cause, and advertise to grow a bigger audience. For the first time I happen to be spotted at one of my more common mall meeting grounds, and the guy instantly recognized me by my look and camera in hand, said  " I love your work, you are The New Yorker of amateur retail photography!", and I didn't so no for an answer, I will roll with the strangers energized synopsis of me. In a post the next few days, I will roll out some beta merchandise for you to vote on the best ones for me to start selling.

          Some other points that have nothing to do with what is stated prior, but has been on my mind for too long to not say while I have the opportunity. I go to Little Caesars frequently on the weekends, most of the time, one about a mile from Kmart that has Little Caesars in it, this time the one outside the start was packed, it what around 7:30 in the evening, prime dinner time, so I went to the Kmart one, and it was closed. Why is Little Caesars in Kmart closed and 7:30 on Sunday, the time and day make for excellent business at any pizza place, for them not wanting to participate is questioning, but because there is one outside the store, I guess I don't have to think about it to hard.

          There have been two major attacks/shootings at movie theaters in America in July, which leads me to think something about the movie theater, whether it be checkpoints prior to entering, or the lighting situation in the screening room will be lifted to see what people are doing and to spot unusual behavior to stop acts of violence. It only takes enough problems to find a resolution, enough car accidents caused my misjudged left turns leads to the village putting a median and a "No Left Turn" sign up, right?

          If there is no public photography allowed in certain cities, I have heard this a while ago, that people would not be allowed to take pictures of public buildings from the outside, like public parks, water features, nature, cars, and such, this what does this mean for the future or Google Image search, sitcom and movie backgrounds?, think about what you are doing government.

          This may be a lot of information at once, but it is clear and all stated what the plan is, and how you are going to be a big help, most people plead for money with GoFundMe and Kickstarter, neither of which have worked for me before, and this is not a charity, just providing a service and product for money, to continue to fund the process to keep people happy, monetary support keeps the blog going and continues its content, so be a small part to make a big difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read and stay tuned for the possible products and the voting of which are the best ones, its peoples choice on what will be marketed.


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