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Monday, August 10, 2015

Neat Series of Pictures of Familiar Settings: PART 1.

          I have known about this particular site link for a while, but now came across it again to re purpose around my opinion. This has several photos of stores that I have either gone to, or known about, and others that are just plain cool to look at and appreciate the setting as a whole, the cars, people, how these moments in time seem to look so different to how looking at the world through a lens has changed.

Based on the stores, whether closed or still open at the time these pictures where taken, I assume its 2003 or 2004, the cars in the surroundings are the best way for me to determine what the time period is.

Here is a shopping center off Interstate 80 near Oakland, California, which features common stores like Kmart and Home Depot, and local chains like former grocery store Pak 'n' Save.

The Kmart in the distance is now Target.

I like this rather large sign of the street, meant to be seen off the interstate, features an interesting combination of namesakes. I thought Sportmart was only a Chicago area chain, but guess not.

This is in San Leandro, California, and was told it was a Chrysler factory.

When Wal-Mart kept there stores looking independent, not a bland beige and dark brown store front (this store is in Reno, Nevada).

Here is a Toys R Us store in Detroit, Michigan that closed in April 2003.

I have been here for sure, here is my post of the North Towne Square Mall in Toledo, Ohio, although it was changed to the Lakeside Centre

Here is a Montgomery Ward store in Clinton, Michigan. There is now a Lowes store in its space.

This is also in Toledo, Ohio, all the anchors are here, but no mall, there never was a mall, but cool to have two full sized anchors, the national store Sears, and regional store Elder-Beerman, both still open.

The first product of the idea thought up in Troy. This Kmart in White Lake, Michigan, although closed in spring 2014, was the first to wear the green and grey concept look to see if this would have been the future of Kmart, it never took off, and only a few of these concept stores remain open, this one, and two in Illinois are closed.

Thank you for reading and thank you to the people that took these pictures, they are great to see what was open then, and how different it looks now whether in person, or on Google Street View.

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