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Thursday, December 17, 2015

TTTM Podcast #5: Get Yourself a New Map

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TTTM Podcast #5: Get Yourself a New Map

This weeks podcast, we talk about me going to the Quad Cities with family in the rain, the two malls that people frequent between boards, and the former Venture, now Kmart, soon to be nothing closing. I make a few to many David Spade references in this weeks chat by reciting the gas station cashier telling Richard he needs a new map because Davenport isn't on it. There was also no notable store closing news or anything this week, it was a quiet week in America.

Key Points:
Went to the Quad Cities over the weekend

Southpark Mall in Moline, Illinois updates on renovation

Northpark Mall in Davenport, Iowa still looks the same

Kmart (former Venture) closing

Weather in the Midwest is so confusing this time of year.

Tommy Boy references (link: at the gas station)

Room to Grow:
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