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Thursday, December 10, 2015

I return to Regency Mall in Racine, Wisconsin

          Its been a while, but the last time I was at Regency Mall, in Racine, Wisconsin, boy did it look different. Since the last time I took pictures of the mall in October 2013, all the anchor stores were filled and the occupancy rate was surpassing 75%.

          Here is my first post of the Regency Mall from January 2015. At the time, Sears and JCPenney were open, among many other stores that are not in business in Racine no longer.

JCPenney closed in spring 2015 and looks now to be in the process of being converted to ROSS and Jo-ann Fabrics.

Former Sears store, now a Dunham's Sports.

Probably a restaurant, what was this?

Didn't know Kmart was still open, anyway, I enjoyed going in.

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  1. Kmart is in the processing of closing now also.

    1. Another store I can't go to anymore.

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