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Friday, May 15, 2015

Redevelopment: Fairview City Centre- Fairview Heights, Illinois


The end of one of the metro east's first retail developments came into question back in December 2012, after the Kmart, which has been open since 1998, and was originally a Venture Department Store, went into liquidation in September and closed by the end of the year. The plaza consisted of Petco, the former Kmart, and OfficeMax. The plaza stood untouched for about a year until August 2013 when the Kmart store was purchased by grocery store new comer Fresh Thyme, who planned to build a store, the first in the area, that would open in the spring of 2015. The Sports Authority would also relocate from its location across Interstate 64 next to the former Circuit City to the new plaza.


Pictures of the plaza taken on a great summer evening in August 2013 as the demolition was in full swing, but not too late to see some of the old Venture store and old locations of OfficeMax and the Petco store.

All old Kmart store, now gone in this picture

Doesn't look like anything has changed in this shot verses the picture about, where 3/4 of the store in gone.

Nice shot of the OfficeMax and awning of what might have been customer pick-up for Venture?

Old Venture/ Kmart sign frame along Illinois Route 159.

All the new stores and order that they go in.





Now opened and ready to shop in.
It is a very nice transformation from the old plaza from the 1970's to what people want from a physical store in the current market.

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