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The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)


The Brady Bunch Movie was released February 17, 1995 as an American comedy film based on the original series from 1969-1974. The movie starred Gary Cole as Mike Brady, Shelley Long as Carol Brady and Ann B. Davis as the "original" Alice, who recently passed away on June 2014.

The movie starts with a montage of various scenes reflecting life in the 1990's, heavy morning traffic, rushing commuters, and homeless people asking for change. Although the movie in set in the 90s, the Brady Bunch is still portrayed as their 1970s television incarnations and are unaware of there surroundings because clearly they don't fit in to the norm of reality. 

Mall Scene

There is a specific scene in the living room of the house were Mike announces to the family to dress there best, because they are going to Sears. In the time of the original Brady Bunch, that was where "America shops", as the slogan went...


The Sears store is of average 90's standards when it comes to how the decor looked and the merchandise that was for sale, color schemes and the massive variety of electronics to choose from, its Sears alright.

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