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Friday, June 29, 2018

Reflection: While My Mall Gently Weeps


     As the editor of Trip to the Mall I have been rather absent with content the last few months. I have not been going to any new malls or documenting much new content. With massive store closing sales including Toys R Us, The Bon-Ton and Sears, my best efforts to documenting these closures have been only frequenting my local area as best as I can. Several unforeseen circumstances have caused the future of Trip to the Mall to be sparing to new malls and destinations as I no longer have adequate time or funds to explore retail as I would like to as of right now. I am an only child to a very small family, who as any family may fight at times, disagree and argue, but love each other very much, and make an effort to spend as much time with each other as possible.

     The passing of my Father in January brought on the limitation of traveling and mall walking. Checking out new chain stores, and enjoying first time meals at new fast food chains. My local area mall is loosing its Sears and Carson Pirie Scott and Toys R Us in the adjacent lot has just closed. For the past 16 years, I have made peace with calling my community home, and watching it grow so much, and seeing so much change...for the good and the bad. Seeing so many stores close and new ones open, different chains come and go, and spending a lot of time with my Father at these places. Although he is gone, the stores are still here. However, time goes on and now the mall he took me to as a young child and shortly before his passing, us walking around together joking about Sears and laughing with the clerks at the Carson's cologne counter, time has come for the stores to leave too. The memories will never fade away, My Father will always be in my heart, and my once favorite places to shop will only exist in photographs.

     It has been a difficult past few months but some good will surely come out of it. Life will bring on new challenges and difficulties, but as my Father proved to me, never stop trying, always push through and never give up. As I was 20 years old when my Father died, listening to a song from the band Green day causes me to shed a different kind of tear now, the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" has a lyric that is all too relatable..."Like my Fathers come to pass, twenty years as gone so fast". Time really flies, and 20 years has definitely gone by fast. Thank you for reading my friendly fellow retail lovers, surely some new and different malls can be seen shortly.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Reached Its High Point Long Ago: High Point Centre in Lombard, Illinois.

     Shopping malls across America becoming vacant and becoming more empty with numerous chains closing up more and more frequently. Not exactly overlooked but not given equal attention are the several thousand shopping plazas and strip malls strewn throughout each and every town and city. Starting out strong at first, with purpose, so many stores, each suiting individual needs but all serving the same purpose, are just empty storefronts now. An example made of this property pandemic is the High Point Centre in Lombard, Illinois. Built in 1992 with Cub Foods, Possibly Kids R Us (Babies R Us), Odd Lots (Big Lots), Office Depot, and several small tenants in out parcels including Hollywood Video and Burger Kings. Telling by these photos, the age of the vehicles and the stores, these had to be taken around 2004-2005. Cub Foods would have closed around 2006 and Ultra Foods opened in its place. So much has changed over a decade at this shopping center, it currently being so vacant and parts of it being demolished. I have memories of shopping at these stores and eating around this area with my parents and a very young kid. Although the memories are in my head from then, but to now connect those thoughts to actual photos to really see what the area looked like way back then long before I took an interest in retail preservation.

All of these photos are property of Loopnet. Here is the link to the leasing site where I found these photos.

To see the Cub Foods sign, a Lincoln-Mercury dealership, and the old Burger King logo on this location really is something. This has to be 2004-2005, no later than 2006 for sure.

 These Burger King photos have to be prior to 2010, after that, this location was closed for several years before being demolished and a new Burger Kind returning to this exact location.

My recent photos of the east side of the center being demolished with news of an LA Fitness coming soon.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Deerbrook Mall: 4/18 Update

     For the past few years, Deerbrook Mall along Waukegan Road in Deerfield, IL has seen some outstanding changes in development and tenants. The mall itself has since been demolished and a new Jewel-Osco has opened in place of the old Jewel store. Many tenants have closed and new stores added. A Hobby Lobby and Michigan-based Art Van Furniture was most recently added.

It has been a while since I last visited, Office Max has since closed.

Below in chronological order is my series of posts featuring new changes to the development and renovations to Deerbrook Mall.

Here is my FLASHBACK: post of the Deerbrook featuring photos from Labelscar.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Farm Fresh Selling Out and Closing Stores.

     Another grocery chain tugging at the reins in this complicated time of retail. Farm Fresh located within the Virginia Beach, Virginia area is selling 21 of its 38 locations to several other competitors including Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Kroger. Minneapolis-based Supervalu who owns Farm Fresh as well as several other regional grocery chains across the country had announced it will be closing and selling most of there locations to other groceries in the area.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Oakbrook Center Construction Progress 3/18

     The upscale open air shopping mall, Oakbrook Center certainly has seen some changes in the last few years. It has been far too long since an update on the current renovations of the former Sears anchor...more of a reason to document the current progress at the mall. Much of the former Sears has been demolished and the new structure is being constructed to form a new kids entertainment venue called Kidzania and future shopping well as what will be the new downsized Sears store opening this fall. I will not go into detail about Sears returning to Oakbrook Mall...if they do, the store wont last long...I imagine the lease will be sold off before the store is even built so another tenant can immediately be added to the new construction.

Here is my post of Sears in August 2017.

Other updates and pictures can be viewed on Trip to the Malls Facebook page.

New construction in the North direction facing toward Rt-83

Pottery Barn is still open and this wing is toward the Nordstrom.

There is an existing L.L.Bean in this photo that will be moving into the new development according the the contractors website.

Proof that Sears promises to return to Oakbrook....I can't wait to shop there.

Looking in the distance is the AMC that was built in late 2015- early 2016.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Bachrach Closing Remaining Stores.

     The last of an over century old textile supplier is about to be a thing of the past. Bachrach has announced it will shut down the last remaining locations after years of closures and decline.

     Here are the last remaining Bachrach stores currently open for now. Founded in 1877 in Decatur, Illinois, operating 79 stores at its peak, are down to just 14 locations throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Despite high quality customer service and superior merchandise, that doesn't hold a candle to the comfort of your own desk to shop online.

Pulled from the companies website, here are the remaining locations in the country.

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