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Thursday, December 24, 2015

TTTM Podcast #6: Circle City Trip of the Century!

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TTTM Podcast #6: Circle City Trip of the Century!

This weeks podcast, I talk all about the Indianapolis area of malls and retail. I went there over the past weekend and I absolutely love the unique pairing of upper class stores, to more traditional shopping choices. This includes the food and grocery shopping, like local chain Marsh, and familiar fire Meijer and Kroger. And Wendy's was not a part of this, Zaxby's and Jack in the Box was found in are laps during the day. I also talk about the Fry's Electronics store, which was a former Incredible universe. What inspired the retail subsequent, Westfield selling 5 US malls, and last minute Christmas shopping and my annual Christmas message tomorrow.

Key Points:

All things Indianapolis...

Jack in the Box
Giant Eagle Market District- Carmel, Indiana

Fry's Electronics (Former incredible universe)

What inspired the retail subsequent category
(Perfect mix of stores from both east coast and Midwest and the upper class to lower class pairing of stores).

Counting down the days for extended Holiday hours

Westfield Sells 5 more malls in the US (Hawthorne in Vernon Hills and Fox Valley Aurora, Illinois)

Last minute Christmas shopping

A Christmas Story

Annual Christmas message to be displayed tomorrow on the blog

Room to Grow:

Thank you for listening and continue to support Trip to the Mall.

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