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Why I Write Reviews

          Generally to sum up why I write reviews on media found on YouTube or Television, is because it possesses something of relative matter that is relatable to what I cover, and write about for TTTM. Some of what I watch the most on YouTube, channels people have created and so many of us are familiar with, is because in a particular episode, they feature something that would be found on TTTM, or cover a specific topic that relates to the purpose of what TTTM is about.

          Comedy is a big part of writing here, jokes are thrown in to break to tension of a very serious subject, seen above, its hard to keep from laughing when I put a picture of Spongebob procrastinating to write his essay for boating class, and seen in the episode, it takes him several hours to write down the word "The"

          It is taking a long to time really decide if I am worthy enough to give my honest opinion for many to read on what I think of these people who too are trying to build a career out of a talent or passion, whether its roadway travel, jokes about childhood, addicted to media, or living alone in a van.

          The reviews written for TTTM cover various characters and hosts on YouTube series that revolve around there interests, and at times, get personal with there lives, and what made that do what they do today, how they were influenced.

          I do hope you enjoy what I have to say about these people, as they are honest reviews of there content and as a person, why I have such in interest in them, or why I like what they do, and how it came time for me to write something about them in hopes of them seeing it, and seeing just how powerful there influence is on the public.


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