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Thursday, June 22, 2017

BREAKING: Amazon Buying Whole Foods For 13.7 Billion.

     Whole Foods stock blew up last Friday as online commerce giant Amazon purchased them in a deal valued at over $13.7 billion. Whole Foods is an organic grocer, trending as the modern way of how food should be grown, prepared, and eaten. Amazon is an online retailer, trending as the modern way to shop from the comforts of home, by phone on the go, and now a grocery store? Amazon has purchased Whole Foods in an effort to maximize the customer experience, you can buy virtually anything from the smile on the box.

     According to CNBC, CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey stated "this is an opportunity to maximize value for Whole Foods Market's shareholders, while at the same time extending our mission and bringing the highest quality, experience, convenience and innovation to our customers." Mackey will remain the CEO of Whole.

     Amazon has been pushing to expand into the online grocery business, but has run into obstacles to make it efficient and safe, as in keeping perishables fresh during transit. It is an emerging marking, although only a small percentage of people actually purchase groceries online, or have a delivery service like Peapod. After all, you can't purchase everything online, no matter how cheap or efficient it may be to consumers and suppliers, having to physically go and "grocery shop" yourself is still going to be the norm for quite sometime.

     Millennial's were the biggest group of consumers to purchase groceries online last year, and Millennial's are the biggest consumer group to Amazon. The biggest consumer group shopping at Whole Foods would be Millennial's, and twice as likely over the age of 25. This was a puzzle put together, the next generation of shopping and grocery shopping being reworked to suite the modern age.

     This is all up to personal opinion, but Amazon is known for competitive pricing, buying something online over at the store is why so many stores are closing up, Amazon proved its cheaper to shop online. Any grocery chain could have been purchased by Amazon, something like Kroger, or Delhaize Group would have been made more sense, because of competitive pricing, but Whole Food sis the exact opposite, there not known for being cheap. Amazon may change how we buy for forever, or at least how Whole Foods sells food.

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List of Marsh Locations Closing & Under New Ownership.

     Many Marsh and O'Malia's locations closed in individual rounds of closures processing to the end. This is the last verdict of Marsh locations that are either purchased from competing grocer's or will close permanently. There are currently 44 Marsh locations still operating throughout Indiana and Ohio.

According to Indystar, here is the list of Marsh stores that did not find a buyer, in other word, these stores are closing.

Here are the 18 Marsh stores that are closing:
  • Indianapolis, 6965 W. 38th St.
  • Indianapolis, 5151 E. 82nd St.
  • Indianapolis, 2350 Broad Ripple Ave.
  • Indianapolis, 5624 Georgetown Road
  • Beech Grove, 1815 Albany St.
  • Carmel-Marsh, 2140 E. 116th St.
  • Carmel-O'Malia's, 4755 E. 126th St.
  • Noblesville, 14450 Mundy Drive
  • Anderson, 2810 Nichol Ave.
  • Connersville, 1508 Virginia Ave.
  • Muncie, 1800 Burlington Dr.
  • Muncie, 1900 N. Walnut Ave.
  • Kokomo, 208 Southway Blvd. E.
  • Kokomo, 1401 N. Washington St.
  • Lafayette, 2250 Teal Road
  • Logansport, 315 14th St.
  • West Lafayette, 2410 N. Salisbury
  • Hamilton, Ohio, 1500 Plaza Dr.
According to Indystar, here are the 26 other locations that were purchased by other grocer's.

Successful bidder 1: Topvalco, Inc. (A Kroger subsidiary)
  • Indianapolis, 1435 W. 86th St.
  • Indianapolis, 227 W. Michigan St.
  • Brownsburg, 843 E. Main St.
  • Fishers, 12520 E. 116th St.
  • Greenwood, 2904 S. Ind. 135
  • Zionsville, 10679 N. Michigan
  • Zionsville, 5 Boone Village
  • Bloomington, 123 S. Kingston Drive
  • Bloomington, 1825 Kinser Pike
  • Muncie, 1500 W. McGalliard Road
  • Muncie, 715 S. Tillotson Ave.

Successful bidder 2: Generative Growth II, LLC (Operator of Fresh Encounter)
  • Indianapolis, 11625 Fox Road
  • Indianapolis, 320 N. New Jersey St.
  • New Palestine, 5802 W. U.S. 52
  • Pendleton, 3015 W. U.S. 36
  • Columbus, 3075 E. 25th St.
  • Elwood, 1515 S. Ind. 37
  • Greensburg, 736 W. Main St.
  • Hartford City, 1711 N. Walnut
  • Marion, 1013 Forest Ave.
  • Richmond, 501 National Road West
  • Tipton, 899 E. Jefferson
  • Eaton, Ohio, 223 Aukerman
  • Middletown, Ohio, 621 N. University Blvd.
  • Troy, Ohio, 982 N. Market
  • Van Wert, Ohio, 1107 S. Shannon
Many stores have closed so far, and many locations will be left empty, some communities will be left without a market. At least most of the chain is being taken over by other grocers, not leaving as many store empty as other chains have done.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Ascena Retail Group Cutting Back.

     Ascena Retail Group has plans on cutting back there retail footprint over the next two years. Ascena is the parent company of several clothing retailers that are located primarily in shopping centers and enclosed malls. According to NBC Chicago, Ascena anticipates on closing 250-650 stores because of declining retail traffic, its undisclosed of how many of each brand will close.

     The bulk of the predicted closures will come over a dispute of lower rent among lease renewals. If a deal cannot be reached between mall owners and the brand for cheaper rent to leverage expense, the individual location will close, profitable or not, that is my assumption.

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