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Monday, June 1, 2015

FIND: Woolworth (Harvest House) Menu


          Resembles the Au Bon Pain menu, there was once a time where no matter who you were, lunch was inevitable, and the F.W. Woolworth counter was always the answer. Here is a menu from the chains restaurant division called "Harvest House", and basically covers all the items and delights served during the time this was printed and used, long before the closure in the summer of 1997.

          "Classic Diner's" today that use these were known as just diner's then, the principle of this practice was the same. Today, a lot of the former retro Woolworth stores from the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's can be seen today still open as either museums or thrift stores, like in Bakersfield, California.

          Here is what looks like a separate menu, from perhaps a different era of there was just two menus on each table setting on the counter or at the booth. 

          This really is a time piece, the use of a menu shows how technology hasn't taken over are lives, a time to sit down and talk face to face on what you want, instead of online, or over the phone, and this is to really symbolize what is lost in America today, and that is inter-actual communication, being friends instead of enemies.

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  1. Though I like the Harvest Houe menu, I absolutely love the bottom example. I miss their lunch counters.