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What is Retail Subsequent?

Summit Mall-Pontiac, Michigan
          Based on the definition of subsequent, coming after something in time, or following. The retail subsequent in the latest category of posts featuring area's of interest that fit this definition, basically area;s in general that have follow in the shopping department. Each post in this category will feature an area of a city, based on what is there, and how much of it is gone or closed. If you seen posts of some of the malls I featured in Indianapolis or Detroit, not only is the mall completely empty, of near closing, but the surrounding area is plagued with closed stores and shells of former companies filled with independently owned grocery stores, and firework and guns shops, and original restaurants all sell Spanish food and fried chicken. In these area's that fit the qualifications, it must have a mall, mostly empty, and a street of several stores that are closed, or are formerly something, and are now empty or filled with a generic copy of what was there. One of the most famous area's any one reading this knows about or can relate to is the Randall Park Mall in outside Cleveland in North Randall, Ohio. These posts tell history of the area in general, but specifically the stores and how it started out strong, and ended up here on my blog.

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