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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FIND: Multiple Vintage Kmart Novelty Hats

          Not sure to whether I will buy any of these, but I have once again found some really neat merchandise on Ebay, this time, they are Kmart hats, and after posting this, they might go quicker than the seller's expected!

          Here is the link to this "Big Kmart" mesh snap-back hat, really nice and clean, white, and most of the blank space is taken up by the logo, so that is a plus for me, I like a hat with a lot of color on it.

          Here is the link to the Vintage 1980s "Kmart Loves Kids" mesh snap-back. Kind of a strange message, but it was when they were against drug abuse.

          Here is the link to this awesome red, "Super Kmart Center" mesh snap-back hat. Last year was the last year the Super Center concept was around, after most to all the remaining stores were converted to regular "Kmart" formats.

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