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Friday, February 19, 2016

Last Super Kmart Center in Illinois Will Be No More

          Here it is, and eventually only the picture will be the memory of the store, the last Super Kmart Center in the state of Illinois. This Kmart superstore is located along Interstate 57 and Illinois Route 50 about 50 miles from Chicago. Earlier in the week of my visit an article came out that stated Michigan-based grocery chain Meijer had already purchased the store in return a Meijer will open here by 2018. Meijer had purchased the Super Kmart Center from Sears Holdings for 5 million dollars and the liquidation sale date is undetermined but the store will closed late this May.

          Here is an early commercial for Super Kmart, it seemed like such a great 90's concept, developed from the pilot hypermart concept "American Fare"

Detroit liquid gold...Faygo pop!

Blown away when I saw this full produce selection.

Me and my hat!

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