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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Redevelopment: Three Years of Two Stores Next to Each Other.

     With evolution or people, over so much time, we have become refined, and what defines us is where we shop, you may be asking yourself "where am I going with this?", over time, we change, and where we live changes, the land it redeveloped, and the stores around open, close, and become other things.

     In Addison, Illinois, located on Route 20 and the Veterans Memorial Expressway (Interstate 355) is a small shopping center, with two big box stores, two smaller stores, and a few restaurants. It was not always like this, what originally was here effected the outcome of what is here now.

     In the 70s, when the chain Venture was prospering in several big cities in the Midwest, one of the many Chicago locations was built here. In 1998, Venture closed and Kmart took over, and some point shortly before that, Sam's Club and Best Buy opened.

In the 1993 map, Venture, Best Buy, Sam's Club and Denny's can be seen.
In 1998, I know the Venture is either still Venture, of Kmart already took the store over. Office Depot opened some point between 1993 and 1998.
The Kmart closed as result of the bankruptcy, and Burger King and a small set of stores opened in front of Sam's Club.
The former Venture/ Kmart was torn down and replaced with a Wal-Mart that opened in early 2006.
You can notice the patching of the old outline of the Sam's Club entrance after the renovations, the Aldi opening in the former Best Buy and the Denny's that closed in 2011 replaced with a small cluster of stores.
Here are pictures of the shopping center from August 2012, this is at the time were Best Buy released a list of 50 stores they planned to close.

Sam's Club was renovating the store during the summer.

Here is the Best Buy store during its liquidation:

 In September 2013, an Aldi opened in the former Best Buy:

In these pictures, the Office Depot was still open, but I guess not for long.

In November 2014, the Office Depot was closed and was being cleaned out. I later learned a Goodwill Center was opening in 2015.

A lot has changed here at this shopping center over the years, particularly in the last 3 years.

Thank you for reading and be sure to ask questions or comment on the post below.

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