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Friday, December 19, 2014

Cherryvale Mall- (Rockford, IL)

Cherryvale Mall is the main shopping hub an hour and a half from Chicago in Rockford, IL. The mall currently is anchored by:

Other than the now defunct and far gone Meadowmart Mall in Loves Park, IL, Cherryvale Mall was the first large, enclosed, modern mall to open in the area. Marshall Field's was the original anchor store when the mall opened in 1973.

Now much information can be found about the mall other than Marshall Field's, and Macy's taking over Federated Department Stores in 2006.

Pictures from November 2012 and Mother's Day 2013:

Has Since Closed due to bankruptcy

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  1. The Bergner’s store was originally a Prange’s, and the food court area housed a Prange Way. Younkers eventually purchased both Prange’s locations in the Rockford area (Cherryvale and Machesney Park). Waht’s Different about these locations is that Berner’s acquired both of these locations prior to the time when Carson’s and Younker’s were merged under the same corporate umbrella, as Bergner’s wanted more pro I ate locations in the Rockford market than what they held previously.