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Saturday, December 6, 2014

North Riverside Park Mall- (North Riverside, IL)

The North Riverside Park Mall, located in the suburb of North Riverside, IL is a mall with anchor stores:

There really isn't much written history on the mall other than opening in 1975. Madigan's operated as a junior anchor in the mall until the early 1990's. After, the space was divided by a Foot Locker and TJ Maxx, which both opened in 1994. The mall is across the street from the highly famous Cermak Plaza where Waynes World being filmed included the now non-existent but never forgotten, Spindle.

Taken down in May 2008.
By 2005, TJ Maxx closed and was replaced with a Steve & Barry's University Sportswear Store. But, when the chain went bankrupt in 2009, its space was taken over by Conway Discount Clothing Store.

Montgomery Ward originally occupied the Sears store until the chain went out of business in 2001.

Former Montgomery Ward

Former TJ Maxx/ Steve & Barry's

Below, you will see a mix of pictures from October 2012 and September 2013.

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  2. The mall was actually only one level back in the 80s and early 90s.

  3. The mall was actually only one level back in the 80s and early 90s.

    1. No, it was ALWAYS two levels. I went there from when I was a little kid when it opened around 1974, until college when I worked there at Clyde Federal Savings Bank in 1989, and that was on the 2nd level. My sister also worked there, at Orange Julius, and Carmel Corn. It was so great, it was like a giant high school so many employees from different stores becoming friends. Well then my sister had a kid with a guy who worked at Bachrach's lol. I had a huge crush on a guy who worked at Chess King. A weird guy who worked at Mr Bulky's candy store kept following me around, LOL In '89 they remodeled the mall by replacing allll the floor tile from brown to white, and replaced all the railings on the 2nd floor. The movie theaters and food court were not there at that time. They did build the theater up on top of the mall, over the new food court, so that might be why you're thinking they added a 2nd floor, but that was just the movie theater built over a part of the 2nd floor.