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Friday, December 26, 2014

Randhurst Village- (Mount Prospect, IL)

What was once the Randhurst Mall, now known around Mount Prospect, IL, as Randhurst Village has recently transformed from enclosed indoor mall, to open air shopping center comprised of several national chain discount and home design stores, Costco, and a movie theater. The mall had several anchor stores over the years, but currently is occupied by Sports Authority, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, World Market, Jewel-Osco, and Carson Pirie Scott as the only original anchor, which was the only part of the mall that was not demolished.

When Randhurst Mall first opened in August 1962, the mall was owned and built by Randhurst Corporation, the same company that built Lakehurst Mall up in Waukegan, IL. This was the first newly built enclosed mall in the Chicago area, and the largest enclosed air conditioned mall in the country.

The malls original anchor stores were Carson Pirie Scott, Wieboldt's, and The Fair, a subsidiary to Montgomery Ward. Other stores included Baskin Shoes, Jewel, SS Kresge's, and Woolworth's.

In 1987, Wieboldt's closed as the rest of the chain did, and Peoria, IL- based Bergner's opened in the former space.

Elgin, IL- based Joseph Spiess built a small store next to Bergner's, which would close in 1992, and Mainstreet opened next to Montgomery Ward, before becoming Kohl's.

Bergner's acquired Carson Pirie Scott in 1989, and closed there Randhurst store, and Carson's moved into the bigger former Wieboldt's store and JCPenney took over the former Carson's store.

Wickes Furniture occupied the Spiess store until 1995, when Circuit City and Old Navy took over the space, and Filene's Basement also opened in the mall's bazaar area and closed in 1999.

Home Depot and Jewel- Osco were added to improve the malls outer space by demolishing the former Wards auto center, ice rink, and Child World store.

In 2001, both JCPenney and Montgomery Ward both closed within months of each other.

In 2003, Kohl's moved its store to the former Venture Department Store on Elmhurst and Dempster.

Circuit City closed in 2005, and Old Navy moved nearby, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Steve & Barry's moved into the former Circuit City store.

The last day of shopping was September 30, 2008, before the mall was promptly demolished and begin its transformation into what people know it as the Randhurst Village.

The construction was complete in October 2011.

Here are pictures of the center from March 2013:

Has since been demolished

If anyone has any pictures or stories, feel free to post and comment below.


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