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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Reflection 7: Men Aren't Men Until They Can Find There Way to Sears.

          I have not done a reflection is a long time, that is when I openly express how I feel about the life that surrounds me. There is no time like now, given the end of the year is right around the corner, and for most, can't come any sooner, because 2016 must have been the worst year is resent history. I for one cannot look at it as being a bad year, I mean an ENTIRE year can't be all bad, personally I over came hardship in the past few months, and the worlds problems got to me, but I got some great cars this year, saw some great places this year, met some great people, and overall put just a little more knowledge under my belt. Politically it was a shit show, I will not discuss my political views on my site, as I say about cars (I am a HUGE car guy if you follow me on social media), I may hate the person, there personality, there beliefs or political views, but if I love there car, I will be there best friend. This world lost what seems like a record amount of TV personalities, celebrities, musicians, and people that gave us hope in our otherwise troubled lives this year. I don't agree with the point that this year was terrible and can't wait for it to be over. I feel in general, certain years past were better than others, for my family, or the country in general. What I can say is don't focus on the negative, after all, we can't get that time back, we can't go back in time to fix are mistakes, but can only look toward the future to make better decisions.

          Another year has gone by, my city and cities I frequently visit have lost several more Sears stores, and Kmart stores, the chain itself is still open, another Christmas of loyal shoppers did there best to fill the check out lanes, gifts in hand to give to loved ones with one question on there mind, "I hope I can shop here next year?". Since 2005, a troubled chain that fell into bankruptcy, and a tired chain consumers jumped to abandon too quickly merged together, no one could believe (I am just filling in new fans of dead retail) this is old news. Year after year, the chain reports record losses, millions and millions in dept, but Eddie keeps the lights on, no matter how many stores are closed, brands are sold, employees laid off, The "K" is still above my head, and "Where America used to shop" is still on my mind. Well over a decade I here my dad talking to friends about Sears money trouble, I eventually caught on with an interest of my own in the hobby, and know it has been over a decade of analysts theorizing Sears Holdings demise. Each year they are wrong, although stores close, that really is what keeps the chain here, if trouble comes close, a list of closures are announced, but twice in one year, maybe by that logic, it was two close calls of chapter 11 proceedings avoided? I don't want think 2016 is the last Christmas I can shop at Sears, but every runner crosses the finish line eventually, a full tank of gas runs dry soon enough, and Kmart will be gone in 2017, I can't say it, that is why professionals are paid to say it.

          Over the weekend, a terrible, just terribly frigid weekend in Chicago, I went to my local mall Sears, not once, but twice. I loved seeing the parking lot full. I also went to a thrift store not too far by, and picked up an unopened tube of construction caulk originally from Builder Square for 0.65 cents. I also thought about for the first season in a few years not going to other cities like Indianapolis or Milwaukee to enjoy other mall extended hours. This year unlike the rest, car trouble and the weather have halted our holiday plans.

          I have had the title of this post on the back burner for quite a long time, origin being from the Tim Allen stand-up clip above, as Tim does shtick about Sears, and "real men" know there way around one. I love Tim Allen, him and me are so much alike, and he is so much like my Father. I am sure there is more to cover, the second I publish this I will think of something else to add in, but that will be for another reflection.

(scene's of the clip provided above mentioning Sears are at 2:01 and 4:40)

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