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Thursday, September 3, 2015

(TTTM New Segment)-Very Few Chains Worked Out in Illinois Part 1: Strack N' VanTil

          A new series brought on by some viewer suggestions and a video I made two years ago, titled "The Unofficial List of Retailers that left Chicago---2013 ", here is a new segment called "Very Few Chains Worked Out in Illinois". This is about the stores, whether retail, or restaurant, or even gas station chain that was here at one time, anywhere in Illinois, more specifically Chicago, that is still open now, but left the area, or out of business, but was in the state before and left before going under. To kick of the series, a chain of grocery stores known in Northwest Indiana, Strack & Van Til, was in the suburb of Plainfield, Illinois, and in still in Chicago on Elston Avenue.

          This location started out as a Cub Foods, that's what I knew it as, before that, I am unsure what the land could have been, a farm, or other, but the Cub Foods opened sometime in the late 80's most likely and closed in 2006 with the rest of the Chicago land stores, the Strack opened around a year later. In the Summer of 2012, later June to be exact, driving past the store, I caught a glimpse of the "store closing" sign placed on the building. A few days later I went back and toured the inside of the store with my camera and got the great collection, I never had closing Strack photos, but there was a first time for everything.

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  1. In case you didn't know, the store on Elston Ave in Chicago is sadly doing a store closing sale. It's last day open will be on Saturday, April 15th. :(

    Strack and Van Til is also closing at least one other store down(Merrillville at 73rd/Taft), and a few Ultra Foods stores(87th/Kedzie in Chicago, Downers Grove, and Lombard). I think that's all of them that are closing as of now, not sure if I forget any. All others will remain open.

    1. Thanks Al M, I know very well of the closings. I am waiting for the stores last day of business before posting anything. Look forward to around next week to see those Ultra Foods stores up.

  2. This is so surreal to see, this post is the first time I've recognized the specific location of a store in one of these kinds of posts (perks of being young I guess)! This was the closest Strack to my house; it's since been turned into a Tony's Finer Foods, which in all honesty has such a nicer atmosphere. Strack n' VanTil was so oddly cold and clinical-feeling, though this location was generous with samples of freshly cooked fish - that part I admit I miss, haha! Thank you for sharing the pictures!