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Thursday, September 17, 2015

There is Already a Mall to Document in Comedy Central's New Series: Moonbeam City Starring Rob Lowe!

          Totally excited about last night's Comedy Central premier of Moonbeam City, a show that takes you back into the 80's, drenched in the neon and pastel colors, hairstyles and clothing trends, and because the main characters are casual detectives, the show is very similar to another Comedy Central series, Archer, and also the characters created are based on the prints of Patrick Nagel, this all makes for something I just had to watch.

          Here is the show, based in Moonbeam City, seem below at sunset, much of what the show displays is a parody of the 80's show Miami Vice starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

The main characters are Dazzle Novak, voiced by Rob Lowe, Pizzaz Miller, voiced by Elizabeth Banks, Chrysalis Tate, voiced by Kate Mara, and Rad Cunningham, voiced by Will Forte.

Why I write about this new series, episode 1 already showed there are several "80's-named" malls within the city of Moonbeam.

Here is Dazzle disguised as a janitor in one of the mall's of Moonbeam, I do not know which one, but check out "Town World", a parody of Tape World.

Close up of a surveillance camera in the spy van that Chrysalis Tate is sitting in watching Dazzle. the closest store to Tate's shoulder has a "Sega-like" font.

          Dazzle and the singer with a name no one can pronounce eating in the food court. Following this seen is when they get intimate in the broom closet, and Dazzle promises her he will get her singing gig's in all the malls in Moonbeam.

          The malls that are in Moonbeam are the Moonbay Springs Galleria, the North Moonpoint Cove Metroplex Cerium and the Del Moonridge Oaks North South Circle Square.

          I wonder which one is better than the others, I can't guess which one is dead because its the 80's, what mall was dead in the 80's, none...that's right, none.

What a great show and I highly encourage anyone to watch it and I can't wait to see what the next episode brings!

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