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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Randhurst Mall: Mount Prospect's Evocative Shopping Mall

In the post from Labelscar in 2006, featured the Randhurst Mall at the peak of its down fall, and also featured was a series of classic photos provided by a fello blogger, John Gallo. Here is my post of the mall from December 2014, I really do like the Randhust Mall, and brother Lakehurst Mall in Waukegan, Illinois, both are Victor Gruen designed and inspired. Here are some great pictures of the anchor stores in the late 80's, and throughout the 90's, sit back listen to the music provided and bask in the retail history know matter if your a Chicagoan, or anywhere in the world, somehow, this post will bring you back 30 years ago!

Classic Carson's Logo

Maurice Rothschild

Baskin Shoes and Clothing

I just love the combination of the old store fronts, and the cars that fill the lots, so much character, and the lighting puts it over the top, coming from a photographer's point of view.

Looks like the Harlem Irving Plaza location.(before being sold to Kohl's in 1988)

After Kohl's (after 1988)

Bergner's in Chicago

Converted to Carson Pirie Scott

Joseph Spiess, based in Elgin, Illinois and went out of business in 1996

Looks like the Evergreen Plaza location

Mad for Madigans!, look at that cool couple and those children's bright cloths.

These are some awesome pictures and thank you for reading, and do not forget to check out Trip to the Mall on Facebook.

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