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Monday, August 10, 2015

Pittsburgh Dad Travels Back in Time to Hills!

          You know how much of a fan I am of the Pittsburgh Dad series on YouTube, where Curt Wootton plays the Pittsburgh Dad who's life is centered around the observations of his blue-collared comedic presence and the daily life of putting up with the actions of family and friends. Back To The Future celebrated its 30th anniversary a few weeks ago, why I didn't post this then I will not know, I guess I can't go back and do it...or can I? Anyway, in this installment, Pittsburgh Dad finds himself behind the wheel of the Delorean Time Machine and goes back to points where life was better for Dad.

Here is Pittsburgh Dad in the background of the polished time icon, the Delorean Time Machine.

What a complete hipster!

There's something about this date?

Pittsburgh Dad goes to Hills, a classic staple to both the young and old residents discount shoppers of the Pittsburgh area before 1999.

Dad leaving Hills fulfilled with pretzel, drink, and bag of goods in hand, on the ready to continue to go back in time.

A time in life to remember.

Thank you Pittsburgh Dad for doing a Back To The Future tribute!

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