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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reflection 6: These Stores are Taking Advantage of the Way We Think!

          With a basic understanding of what is trending in modern fashion for youths and young adults alike, its always the choices of what to wear is referred to as "vintage" and "classic", these buzzwords make us buy these articles of clothing, it turns out the number 1969 is the greatest marketing ad The Gap has ever used. Most people under the age of 30 that are into this style, other than hipster's, because that's its own fashion, have the thought of only buying cloths at Urban Outfitters, Tilly's, Ragstock, and other urban stores and shops that sell mass produces replica's of original clothing like Members' Only Jackets, or the romper dress. I am not bashing this dress code ideology, I myself spend hours on eBay searching "90's Men's Shirts", and "80's Men's Nylon Jackets", I have o problem with the idea of this being my fashion, my choice of dress, but like a hobby, you don't take ships in a bottle of stamp collecting to the office, I dress professionally to work and when out in public, yet carry this style choice and choice in living in the past as best I can without going against what is customary today. I am not crazy, just believe in being different. but to an existent. A personal favorite in the fashion industry is the German artist and designer Karl Lagerfeld, anyone looks at how he dresses, knows automatically who he is. so when I am in a public place, if you know me, you can spot me a mile away, if you don't, you know what you are generally looking for based on the specifics I listed above. The real point I am building up here is how stores like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Len will take advantage of bringing not so much forgotten trends from the past, but exploit it to new buyer's as if a product like this has never been worn before.

What the stores in question sell
How I described I dress typically

          This Halloween, with a bankruptcy in mind, the clothing store American Apparel is holding a contest that states take a picture of yourself wearing at least one piece of there clothing with the hast tag #AAHalloween and you qualify for a chance to win  a 1987 Cadillac Allante.

why these stores cater to the 1% of the specific market that goes for these products, by this example, giving a nearly 30 year old car away to a likely 25 year old guy. The car is valued at 8,000 dollars, so that is hipster baller on a budget dough right there.

Cadillac American Apparel is giving away!

          If I were to class these stores based on overall appeal, merchandise, and history, Urban Outfitter's is the best, followed by Tilly's, Pacsun, and American Apparel last. Any of the style sold at these stores best fits the era's of the 60's to now, yet how can modern clothes be vintage, or retro, this year marks the 25 year limit on cars build to qualify for "antique" license plates notoriety. This is really surreal because 1990 was 25 years ago, ok, 1900 was 115 years ago, but the word antique puts so much more age on the matter.

"Clueless" girls


          The 90s overall in my opinion coming from it were so much better, the cars were easier, girls were simply, more naive, and guys could get embarrassed over the smallest problem, what TV led me to witness. People in general seems gullible, music was happier, and cleaner, people aren't singing about there problems yet, primary colors were the only way to go, and everyone looks like dolls and action figures because how the hair and glasses fit there faces. My perspective on the people during the Clinton Administration vs. the people of the Obama Administration seem to be very different, I did not mention the Obama influenced people, because we are them, in 20 years, I will mention us, and compare us to the 48th president influenced crowd. Although using presidents as a unit of time seems stupid, because H.W. Bush was here until 1993, and W. Bush was here for the great years of the last decade.

          Its amazing just how many people care about the thoughts I choose to put on paper, but because we now live in the "paperless-age", what I put on this blog. This seems about all too many topics, but again they all bounce off each other, the difference between the 90's and the current age, the clothing trends that were popular then and now, and how these stores are taking advantage of what is still reletivly modern clothing, and chargin extra for a graphic t-shirt that says "Clinton-Gore 96", over a blank t-shirt, because the 1996 election seemed so historic since its 2015. Then the comparison of how people to me seems then vs. now.

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