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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween: Brings New Meaning to "Dead" Mall

          Happy Halloween from TTTM, the time of year that parents look back to the memories of not thinking of who possibly would think of putting razor blades and poison in there candy, a time no matter rain or shine, kids by the dozen walked there neighborhoods with paper bags and pillow cases of candy, and return home with the spirit of the season...and sugar, running through there bodies.

          In recent years, I notice more and more stores in the mall putting signs up saying there are out of candy, and "not participating in trick or treat", I find this to be appalling and not very traditional, who are you to say you don't want to particulate, if the store is in the mall, all stores should give out candy, or all stores should not give out candy, its not fare to the people that intend on going to the mall to trick or treat, and they do not get anything out of it.

          I also do not find it fair for the older kids to be in school during the day, while the parents take there babies and children under 5 out during the day to take advantage of all the candy giving, and the kids in school get out and go to the mall and cannot get anything because the people who are not even old enough to eat candy got it so the parents can eat it. And if the kids in school have younger brother and sisters, they are going out and no matter if they get candy or not, a bag full is waiting for them at home from the mom or dad's visit earlier in the day.

          All and all, I hope everyone enjoys Halloween 2015, I will be dressed in a dated store outfit I will post pictures of tomorrow, and Happy Halloween.

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