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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Office Depot Closing in Deerfield, Illinois- July 2012

          Many readers may be aware of the suburb of Chicago, Deerfield, Illinois, and the Deerbrook Mall across the street from this Office Depot that has now been closed for over three years. This stripe of Waukegan Road has changed drastically over the last twenty years or so, a ground breaking start with a prospering mall, to the closed and now transforming retail landscape we see today.

          The mall across the street and now closed earlier this year, and the old Best Buy is now Hobby Lobby, up and coming grocery chain Fresh Thyme opened last year on the other side of the street and many more changes are coming. Here are pictures when I first was starting out, driving past and stopped because the store was closing, specifically Office Depot, many OfficeMax and Office Depot stores had since this with the merger last year.

Here is the old former Office Depot store:

The inside of the store, of course nothing to celebrate when a store closes, but I do love the generic "store closing" and "up to XX% off" signs, all colorful and taking your eye's off empty shelves.

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Here are the links to the Deerbrook Mall in Deerfield, Illinois:

Deerbrook Mall- (Deerfield, IL)

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