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Monday, July 20, 2015

FLASHBACK: Driving Down Ogden Avenue in 1990

          I have consulted the use of this video from the YouTube channel Mark Davis when I posted about the former Dominicks store in Naperville, Illinois. This video shows during his high school days of driving down the twisting and curvy road of US Route 34, known as Ogden Avenue to the local traffic of Naperville and Aurora.

Franks Nursery store closed about 2002-2004, and was demolished in 2013 and a high-end market open, called Standard Market in 2014.

Still open

Pontiac is gone, but Woody Buick GMC is there.

Not sure when this Kmart closed, but the store was a Menards until 2003? when a new store opened on Aurora Avenue and has since been empty.

Was Nabisco, then Post, then Kraft, then Mondelez, now Nabisco again.


Was OfficeMax, now future home of a Fresh Thyme market

The 76 gas station is now Fey & Co jewelery store.

Super H Mart

Empty as of April 2013.

Current Subaru dealer.

Congratulations to the Naperville North High School class of 1990, as this video marks the 25th anniversary's, it also shows 25 years of change to the street of Ogden.
Thank you for reading and remember to ask questions and comment below.


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