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Monday, July 13, 2015

Best Buy in Niles, Illinois- Before and After Closure.

          This best buy seemed a little strange to me, as the side of the building always looked like it was slowly falling over in the direction of Golf Mill Mall, and eventually, supports were installed to keep the was from falling over, either caused by a car hitting the wall, or the foundation beginning to fail.

          I found the time to drive out and see the store for myself after hearing it had closed after a Google search, seeing no news article or village article on the closure of the Best Buy in Niles, just a Yelp report that the store is no longer open.

The store is indeed closed, but I do not know when? Maybe they had to close because the store was unsafe, I do not know, do you...

You can see the water soaked line along the bricks to the far left under the yellow light and the supports to hold it up.

If anyone knows anything more about the store, feel free to post and comment below and thank you for reading.



  2. The article above does not have full info, but it does include when it closed. Supposedly Best Buy didn't think they needed to keep this store because of other close locations, but that doesn't seem right. Perhaps it was more about not wanting to renew the lease and pay for the rehab

  3. Thank you for researching this for me!

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