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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The "Un-real" Superstore?

When the store was shiny and new, to quote Spongebob, "everything is chrome in the future!"

          Here is an article from Abandoned Baton Rouge, some of the pictures seen there are here, and some other really cool up close shots of the store, and a special surprise.

          It seems that although Hypermarkets have died of long ago, the reminders of that phase in retails history is still standing, among American Fare from Kmart, and Hypermart USA from Wal-Mart, known to the suburbs of South Louisiana, in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette, The Real Superstore provided a whole new experience in picking up everything in a one stop shopping warehouse.

          The Real Superstore was part of the National Tea Company, but when entering bankruptcy in 1994, the chain of test stores closed, as most of the National stores in the major cities they served before becoming a Canada-only chain.

Here is series of commercials and bits from local television stations:

The after:

Most recently:

I would like to see this store for myself, if it is still there, and if so, does it still say "Store", or if it is painted over, any thoughts or questions, post them below, let's find this out.

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