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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sandburg Mall- Galesburg, Illinois 7/16 Update

          As a mall with a Kmart as an anchor, It was a mission to see it one last time before closing this August, and as I was there, I couldn't help but walk through the empty halls of the Sandburg Mall, in Galesburg, Illinois. This is the last time I think I will go to Galesburg, as the first time was in October 2012, and this time because the Kmart is closing. An article was also published a few days before the trip stating the mall is going to auction again in August, so it might be the last time I can even visit the mall, but only time will tell.

Here are pictures from July 2016 featuring much more of the mall than my first set of photos.

Kmart is closing this August

Only seen the "BIG" atop the Kmart "K" once at a store in Chicago.

Former Sears anchor.

Old Auto Center.

Nice Bergner's store.

          JCPenney apparently renovated this store now to long ago, seems strong as the mall is failing, but the mall doesn't own JCPenney, so they can keep there store as nice a possible even if the mall closes.

Panoramic shot of the mall and Kmart store.

Sandburg Mall entrance across from what I have to think is Illinois's smallest Target!

Time to take a walk inside the mall, the mall closes at 5pm on Sunday, so I only have a few minutes.

Took from the deck of the model train display.

As I walked through this wing, the lights were on...

....and a second later, they were shut off. I had to hurry!

Dark as con be, even though its a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

A Haunting should film an episode here if that show ever returns to air.

Former Sears store.

I have been to a lot of dead malls at night, but being in a dark, empty mall knowing its so nice outside is a different experience.

My camera adjusted to the light from Bergner's and completely blocked out the stores before it.

I come all the way out to see Kmart, a dedicated shopper.

The best shot by far of this outing.

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