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Monday, May 19, 2014

Round One Entertainment Coming to Bloomingdale, IL

Anything but disappointment comes from a day with the family, coming together for a great time with an exciting game of bowling to liven things up. The traditional means of having a good time, although never going out of style, are being reinvented to still drill up excitement that games did when new.

Back in a time not to long ago, after a common Sunday of relaxation, possibly a prayer, the family found themselves strolling through Marshall fields,trying on shoes at Bakers, or going to catch a flick at AMC 10.
Well, as the traditional mall scene is dying away, owners and companies have to think of new ways to draw crowds in to compete with alternate means of shopping and entertainment.

Stratford Square mall, located on Gary Avenue in Bloomingdale, IL, is slowly but surly following the path of any late 80's mall with the lost of Montgomery Ward in 2001, and its replacement, Burlington Coat Factory definitely exiting next year.

Also the JCPenney was one of 35 to close announced back in January, the inside of the mall is continuing to suffer to soon extinction.

Near the Carson Pirie Scott, a wing of abandoned store fronts are now dedicated to the transformation into a new and exciting entertainment center called
"Round One".

The Chain, primarily located in California with three other locations and now one on the way is

" a state-of-the-art entertainment company offering fun the whole family".

Round One also promises " bowling lanes, top of the line arcade games, fully equipped karaoke rooms, and much more".

The companies website:

As malls continue to change for the worse, new and inventive places come in the transform old facilities into new venues that will never go out of style.

Stratford Square Mall Location:

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