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Friday, July 24, 2015

Reflection 3: Why These Subjects Relate and Whether or Not I Will Learn if They Do or Not?


          Between finding myself searching online in need of acquiring a 90's Saab's for the right price, checking the movie Vegas Vacation with the Blockbuster "Be Kind, Please Rewind" sticker on it off my list of VHS tapes I'm in dire need of adding to my collection finally from the local Goodwill, and coming to finalize where I am moving to further pursue my education, it seems that my idiosyncratic lifestyle is coming together quite nicely throughout he next few weeks.

          Why do all of these subjects of complete opposite directions when it comes to relatable possibly come together so smoothly, my life style, hobbies, passions, location, and the content covered in Trip to the Mall. Like so much of the point that such television shows Seinfeld and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia alike never have a consistent balance in what the show is about, other than each show is 22 minutes in length and every time, a new problem or task takes the cast for a ride, and how it ends up to relate to the series.

          The point is that I am a Videocassette watching, Member's Only jacket carrying, Bottom Banded Polo wearing, Philly bound urbanophile and I am proud of it. How these things relate to each other is the kinds of cars that I am in the late 1960's up until the middle 2000's respectively, and because of the malls and shopping cultural background, I shop based on the car I drive and what movies I watch. Literally, the best example I had to make to know that what I am trying to explain is understandable was to a representative of an Ohio technical College that unlike all the other students here, I am like no other, I always try to cram cars and urban pop culture so I can relate to a great audience of people, to make more friends, and especially to feel relevant with the older generations. The point was a car joke that 

"...I rather take my Plymouth Reliant to the Montgomery Ward Auto Express, take a look at the new selection of cassette tapes, go to Roy Rogers and then go home and watch Charles in Charge than stand in the shadows."

          The guy I told this to was nearing his 40's and totally got where I was coming from, being able to relate to people older simply by reminding them of stuff that was new and cool for them, that I happen to have an interest in, and instant conversation strikes fire. This is really the complete opposite of what Urban Outfitters does, by introducing timeless, classic and rather some outdated styles to Generation Y, that it looks cool to us, but its nothing new to the people that lived through its initial introduction into the fashion world.

          Although growing up in Chicago, the windy city, and going to school in Philadelphia is really an experiment than a move, but all the same, a new chapter in my life. Unlike Chicago, that in a way, is surrounded by nothing, there is no such thing in Philly, and direction within 50 miles is plenty of shopping and entertainment, or another state, because unlike Illinois that takes nearly a whole day of driving to get to the border of Tennessee, in 8 hours time, I can go from Philly to Charlotte, North Carolina, or to Boston in 5 1/2 hours, the point is there are endless possibilities for shopping, fun, and entertainment, all the major cities of the nation are in the northeast, New York, Boston, Baltimore, and D.C., The Ivy League "belt" of universities which somehow shows this side of America has to be smarter, yet Apple and Microsoft are in the Gold Coast.

          Its really all of these completely unrelatable subjects of shopping, architecture, school, entertainment, cars, and people that somehow I manage to relate incredibly well to one another. People need cars to go to school and work to know how to work and be a part of working America, these people design and create these shopping utopia's after learning how to in school and people do the same in the car industry to get us to these places as quickly and as safely as possible, and all of this entertains us with lights and colors, and brings us all together, so these all seem to relate to each other, but I guess I will really learn this or not when I move to Philadelphia.

What do you think? Please leave comments below as well as questions about how I think or what is something you want me to cover in the next reflections, whenever that may be and thank you for reading.

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