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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Too Much Mall for The Garden State

     There is a YouTube channel called "Pat the NES Punk", and with the recent news from Kevin Smith with the confirmation that Mallrats 2 is coming out, I happened to stumble across this video, and there is a great snippet of how one guy describes New Jersey and the malls over there.

     The video above has two guys voicing their thoughts on what the sequel to the cult comedy Mallrats might be like, but at the 4:30 point of the podcast, the guy in the High Cost of a Low Price movie shirt goes off talking about the amount of malls vs. amount of people in the state of New Jersey.

     He states that New Jersey is the mall capital per capita and the amount of people living in the state during the time the original movie came out, was about 7 million, and the point is if Kevin will focus on how the culture changed in the new movie.

     In the state there are about 15-20 huge malls and that on the weekends, people drove from New York to shop and to evade Giuliani's 12% sales tax in the empire state.

     One host happens to mention

     I personally believe what he's saying, one of the largest malls in the world is in Paramus, New Jersey, and along the route it sits aside, there are three other malls, and as the guy in the video said, every few miles, literally every Township has at least two decent sized malls.

Within a few miles apart from each other, there is the Garden State Plaza, Bergen Town Center, Paramus Park Mall, and Riverside Square Mall.

In order, Garden State Plaza, Bergen Town Center, and Riverside Square Mall.

From Garden State Plaza on the left, go a few miles to Paramus Park.

Do you agree or disagree, ask questions and post comments below, and thank you for reading.

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