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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reflection 1: Do The Kids Today Really Appreciate the Mall? --- So Many Points to How 1995 is Different Than 2015.

     After months of speculation, American Apparel finally announced they are closing under performing stores and turning around there business perspective. In the last few months, Gap had announced they are closing stores, and Urban Outfitters always is seen as something of the past, crazy because that is what they sell, the past! These are the only stores today that are in malls to try and attract younger customer's, other that Van's and Zumiez.

     The mindset of the target market ranging from 15-15 respectively is something to always take a second look at, because the styles are always changing, it begins to get harder to keep up with trends. Last year several chains like, Dots, Delia's, Body Central, Coldwater Creek, although that's more like Fashion Bug, so many former suppliers of Generation Z casual wear.

     The point of this is to say that if you have seen the movie, Mallrats, directed by Kevin Smith in 1995, and now that Clueless is also 20 years old, these two movies encrypt the mindset of teenager's, there style and attitude are now nirvana, as you do not see anything like it anymore. 

     Everything is online today, and no matter what age, it seems that anything can be ordered online, which eliminates the use of brick-and-mortar stores, which are mostly effecting the malls, and at one time, the highest percentage of people seen in enclosed malls was the teenage range of 16-25 and because of technology, that eliminates the foot traffic of the malls to flood the world wide web. 

     The idyllic sense of purpose in all of this is how the 90s have so drastically changed the mall atmosphere and how the sequel to the cult comedy Mallrats coming out soon might be affected as a result of how trends have changed.

Thank you for reading and remember to check in as a new augment can come at anytime.

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