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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FIND: Old Super Kmart Center Floor Map

          Back in October 2014, I was on a trip to the Motor City, the largest city in Michigan, Detroit, for more than one reason, mostly to see several Kmart stores that were in line of closing, and others to get credibility for, one of which was a super center in the Detroit city limits, this was a Saturday, and the stores last day of operation, given Sears announced the stores closure back in July, its take an average 10-12 weeks to liquidate a typical Sears or Kmart store.

          Everything that was left, which wasn't much, was 90% off, and about 90% of the store was blocked off, other than the register bay's. I did not buy anything, given nothing was left for sale, but as I walked out, I ask's the on-duty "receipt highlighter" security if I could have the store map, given it was not for sale and Sears Corp. would not be needing it back.

          This is a Super Kmart Center map, the typical store layout of the late 90's, right before the bankruptcy, and like many, in there later years, were converted to a traditional store layout, that said, the "bakery", "deli", "produce", "drygoods", and "frozen food" sections of the map have been cut out. Also what I think was the Olan Mill's and maybe optical sections were also cut out.

Store #9814 which was 19990 Telegraph Road Detroit, Michigan 48219

          I found this to be rather interesting that the map was taped to another sign, a poster board with a "Big Kmart" introductory advertisment printed on it.

Dated February 1999, around the same time the End Cap Sign I have was produced, because it fits the style.

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