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Friday, June 5, 2015

Was This a Big Chain: Video Headquarters

          It was in the news this week that the last video rental store in the town of Keene, New Hampshire is closing, that store in question is a "Video Headquarters", and I do not know if it was part of a large chain, like Blockbuster's, or small town to town like Coconut's Music, or Strawberries.

          This Video Headquarters store opened in 1983, and in its prime, was the hottest -place to be on a Friday night. A sign of the times with all that is personal home entertainment and Redbox rentals has caught up with the brick and mortar operation of the video store, steady decline over the last few years, renewing the lease does not seem plausible. 

          I write this article not only to spread the news of whats happening in Keene, but to learn more about the chain, was there a lot of these stores at one time?, or a mass majority of stores in various areas?

          I have seen pictures of other Video Headquarter stores, and this one on some blogs and webpages, including The Caldor Rainbow.

Please feel free to post questions and comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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