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Thursday, September 3, 2015

FIND: So Much Builders Square Memorabilia


          To paraphrase one of the most popular meme's out there, as Jonathan Goldsmith says, "I don't always promote eBay listings, but when I do, its whats relevant to Trip to the Mall". Here are some eBay listings I came across for Builder Square promotional items, like this hat, or coffee mug, or die cast race car.

          Seen in this listing, here is a Builders Square mesh trucker hat. It is in great condition and is very blue, and something I have to have in my collection, but I would wear it too much to keep it in this condition.

          Here is a great collectors item, both sponsor wise, and car wise, it is a 1995 Darrell Waltrip #17 Speed Block Builders Square Chevy Monte Carlo in 1:24 scale. Really nice that is also says HQ (Home Quarters) on it, another company they owned.

          Something everyone needs, a coffee mug that says Builders Square II, which I think was the later years before being purchased by Home Depot. This listing is for this 8oz. coffee mug advertising the Woodridge, Illinois location, which is really cool for anyone living in the area, or remember going to the store.

Here is a previous FIND: where I showcase a Builders Square credit card and some great commercials.

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