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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review: Everything is Terrible!

By: John Bozic

          In my opinion, Everything is Terrible! has created some of the funniest shows on YouTube solely out of everyone else's hard work and effort. Everything is Terrible is a video blogging website featuring clips of old VHS tapes, based in Chicago, and was founded in 2000 by a group of Ohio University friends. The idea was every weekend, the friends was storm local thrift stores in search for the trashiest,low-budget, and weird tapes of commercials, kids shows, and game shows, and piece them together to make a new movie.

          In website,, was founded in Chicago in 2007, and one goal is the amass the largest collection of Jerry Maguire on VHS. Not only has the website and idea gained popularity, but the gang also performs live shows, wearing "Lady Gaga-like" outfits, they talk about and show there new discoveries they have created.

          In 2009, the website released a movie called, Everything is Terrible! The Movie, and it absolutely won over media critics like The A.V. Club, Paste Magazine, and Wired Magazine.


          One of the most popular video's released has be the instructional clip titled "So Your Cat Wants A Massage?", which the title basically speaks for itself on what it is about, but it is a "How-To" video and those always seem to gain viral popularity very quick.

          None of the published work on the YouTube channel contain malls or shopping centers, but has gained my attention for being something very funny to watch, something that does deserve praise and a network deal for sure and how it VHS tapes have come back from the dead and formed into new entertainment again, something that at one time, was the only thing to bring a family together on the couch, to watch a VHS tape.

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