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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Machesney Park Mall in Machesney Park, Illinois- May 2015 Updates

          I had written about the Machesney Park Mall back in December, and how it went through an extensive process to what it is now known as the Machesney Town Center. In the original post, you can see a lot of photos from 2012 and 2013. Nothing has really changed other than the JCPenney Outlet closing and one of the former anchor stores in now a college. You can read about how the mall used to look and see a lot of vintage photos in my FLASHBACK: post of Machesney Park Mall.

         As many times as I had gone here in the past, I did not realize that this old sign is still standing until I got a tip from a Facebook follower and a picture they took of it, so I went out there again and got one of my own seen below.

Former JCPenney/ JCP Outlet/ JCP 5 Star Outlet:

One of the former anchor stores, has since been turned into a college:


Former Younker's/ current Bergner's:

          A lot of people might say the mall failed because a lack of customers, I could see that because of Cherryvale in Rockford takes up most of the cities shopping population in the general area, specifically the mall. As seen in the picture below, there is so much land in front of the mall, and not a lot of other attractions to bring the people other than local traffic to generate the sales the mall estimated when it was first built.

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